Cognigy.AI v4.1.4 with new NLU capabilities

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Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock March 9, 2021

Cognigy.AI v4.1.4 brings various improvements to your favorite Conversational AI platform.

Among the newly released features is the capability to disable implicit Slot parsing for System- and Lexicon Slots. This gives Flow developers even more flexibility on how to work with Slots in their Flows.

NLU capabilities



That's new with version 4.1.4:

Other features in the latest release:

  • Added the ability to disable implicit Slot parsing for System- and Lexicon Slots

  • Added the ability to use nested conditions in Flow node fields

  • Added the ability to create a "super-API-key" for our on-premise customers in order to use our RESTful

  • API without project-wide restrictions

  • Improved various sections in our RESTful API documentation (OpenAPI spec)

  • Added the new validation concepts which we have recently introduced into Question Nodes for Slot Fillers as well

  • Improved tooltips and wording of such in various locations within our user interface
    update our integrated WebchatWidget to version 2.25.2 which brings in multiple improvements; please check the Changelog in the WebchatWidget GitHub repository for more details

  • Improved the look and feel of various selects and autocomplete-fields and make them more consistent

  • Improved our documentation for applying a custom theme to the Cognigy.AI user interface

To learn more about these and other new features, check out in the Release Notes.