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Cognigy.AI - Generative AI & LLM
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Cognigy brings the transformative potential of Generative AI to your fingertips, combining the control, reliability, and integrations of Conversational AI with the flexibility and power of LLMs

Enterprise-Ready Generative AI for Contact Centers

Our native integration with best-of-market LLMs brings you the tremendous value of Generative AI while mitigating their risks and ensuring enterprise-grade security and data privacy.




faster bot building


higher resolution rate


CSAT improvement

See Conversational AI and LLMs in Action

Powering a Messenger Conversation

Next-Generation Agent Assist 

Powering CX on the Phone Line

Reimagine Voice and Chat Experiences

With Cognigy.AI as the orchestration layer, you can leverage LLMs to supercharge real-time customer interactions while keeping AI Agents on task and maintaining compliance.

Personalized Responses

Deliver empathetic, human-like responses based on context that resonate with your customers. Our LLM features allow you to rephrase and personalize AI Agents' output on the fly to match the conversation history and customer sentiment.

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Advanced Language Understanding

Extend your NLU pipeline with LLMs to bring human-level entity recognition and language understanding to your Ai workforce. This translates to frictionless, natural dialogues with the shortest path to resolution.

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Sentiment Analysis

Leverage Generative AI to deliver empathetic conversations at every step of the customer journey. Unlike traditional word-based sentiment analysis, LLM technology can detect even sophisticated sentiments like sarcasm, to provide highly accurate results.

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Customer Data Deserves the Best Protection

When Generative AI processes user data in real-time, data protection is top-of-mind. Cognigy's robust solutions ensure enterprises can harness the full potential of LLMs without compromising on data protection. 

Hyper-Granular Control

Retain full governance over when, where, and to what degree Generative AI is leveraged for customer interactions.

Anonymization of PII and Personal Data

Ensure sensitive information is removed or pseudonymized before it is ingested into the LLM engine.

Powerful LLM Orchestration

Flexibly select the best LLM model and vendor per individual use case and mission-critical level.

Turbocharge Conversation Design

Achieve faster time to value by harnessing LLMs to generate bot resources – from training data to execution flows – at lightning speed.

Automatic Training Data Generation

Skip the manual legwork and boost productivity while optimizing NLU performance. Our Generative AI capabilities let you produce high-quality training sentences, lexicon entities, and other NLU resources right off the bat with just a brief description.

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AI-Assisted Flow Building

Get a head start by using LLMs to create your first flow prototypes within seconds. Type in a short description and let our platform come up with the best possible flow logic. Or replicate successful conversation patterns quickly with a sample script.

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Next-Generation Agent Assist

Make every agent your best agent with AI assistance that drives productivity and satisfaction at scale.


Generative AI can help you create clear, succinct summaries of any customer interaction, so support agents can start the conversation well-informed upon handover and save valuable time with automated call wrap-up.

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Enhanced Suggested Replies

With Cognigy.AI, you can leverage LLMs to suggest the best possible responses for your service team based on context, sentiment and customers’ needs at the exact moment.

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