More Features for Snapshots, Performance Boost & more with Cognigy.AI v4.22

2 min read
Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock March 25, 2022

Cognigy.AI v4.22 adds the ability to override the Connections of a Snapshot with those of the Agent via an Endpoint setting. As a result, it is now easier than ever for developers to move Virtual Agents across different development / testing / production environments.

More improvements:

  • Improved the performance of the Flow Chart Editor
  • Improved by adding support for embedding the Webchat via an iFrame
  • Improved by adding a new region field to the Microsoft translation settings. 
  • Improved by showing a warning indicator when more than 100 example sentences are provided for an Intent
  • Improved by no longer stopping the Flow execution when an Extension times out. Instead, the error will be available to the Flow in the input object. Note: This change does not impact existing Snapshots.

To learn more about these and other new features, check our Release Notes.