Server-side Playbook Execution & More With Cognigy.AI v4.24

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Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock April 25, 2022

This release of Cognigy.AI adds the ability to execute Playbooks server-side. We added new RESTful API Endpoints allowing our customers to start Playbook runs and inspect their results.

Jump to Flow Node capabilities

This v4.24 of Cognigy.AI also adds the ability to inspect individual outputs within the Interaction Panel and understand which Flow Node has created a specific output. Our customers can jump to the  respective Flow and Flow Node in order to further understand where an output is coming from.

More improvements

  • Improved by tracking handover information by session and not by user - this allows our customers to
    have multiple handovers for the same user when different session identifiers will be provided 
  • Improved by adding a small talk German language skill template to the agent creation wizard
  • Improved the API to get conversation counters by retrieving it by channel
  • Improved by updating the webchat and its widgets in service-webchat to the newest version
  • Improved by making the handover escalation in Question Nodes up to date with the new
    HandoverToAgent Node
  • Improved by adding an option to question nodes to ignore non-escalation intents in an active
  • Improved by adding basic & advanced tags to Solution Accelerators in the Agent Creation Wizard
  • Improved by renaming Templates to Solution Accelerators in the Agent Creation Wizard
  • Improved by reading the filtered logs from backend
  • Improved by modifying the Agent wizard step titles

Improvements with Cognigy Insights

  • Improved by adding an Endpoint for deleting analytics records for an organisation
  • Improved by fixing accessibility issues in step explorer
  • Improved by reducing the dashboard UI response time by replacing SVG based charts with canvas
    based charts
  • Improved by adding pagination in the Step Explorer to support complex step graphs

To learn more about these and other new features, check our Release Notes.