Build advanced Conversational AIs within minutes rather than days using our next-generation Cognigy AI technology.

Natural Language Processing and Understanding

Advanced NLP and NLU directly built in

  • State-of-the-art, machine-learning-based intent mapping
  • Advanced entity / slot extraction
  • Flexible custom lexicons
  • Multi-language support
  • Native integration to API.AI, Microsoft LUIS and Amazon Alexa Skills Kit

Graphical Conversation Editor

Build Conversational AIs in minutes

  • Easy to use graphical editor for advanced conversations
  • Make changes without coding - but code if you want
  • Multi-turn discussions with persistent context
  • Full integration with your data sources (databases & APIs)

Conversation Analytics

See what your users are talking about

  • Detailed conversation metrics
  • Improve conversations through user feedback
  • Native integration with Microsoft Power BI©
  • Integrate with external systems (e.g. CRM, xDB)

Omni Channel

Build once, deploy everywhere

  • Use the same AI on multiple channels
  • Keep context even on channel changes
  • Create a uniform user experience across channels
  • Alexa, Facebook, Slack, Skype for Business and many more supported


Use the tools you know and love

  • Fully extensible through standard JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Simple NoSQL architecture
  • Deployment through Docker or use our SaaS option
  • Runs everywhere - Azure, AWS or on-premise

Create your future conversations with COGNIGY.

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