Build advanced Conversational AIs within minutes rather than days using our next-generation Conversational AI technology.

Graphical Conversation Editor

Manage the flow of all conversations from one convenient location

  • Easy to use graphical editor to design and manage conversations quickly
  • Scale your conversations to any depth – no coding required
  • Bring human-like discussions to life with persistent memory that extends across sessions
  • Add, subtract, or edit conversational flows easily with no technical knowledge
  • Full integration with customer data sources (e.g. CRM/ERP) to personalize each conversation

Omni-channel Integration

Build once - deploy anywhere within seconds

  • Build conversational AIs for all engagement channels with ease
  • Create a consistent omni-channel experience for your customers by keeping conversation context across channels
  • Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Dialogflow, LINE, Twilio and many more channels out of the box
  • Generic REST and Socket endpoints for integration with your existing systems

Insightful Analytics

Learn from what your customers are telling you

  • Collect detailed data from each user interaction
  • Convert inputs into insights with out-of-the-box visualization templates
  • Discover aggregate trends to increase effectiveness
  • Export data easily into your favorite deep analytics packages

Flexible, scalable technology

Use the tools you know and love

  • Fully extensible through standard JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Simple NoSQL architecture
  • Deployment through Docker or use our SaaS option
  • Runs everywhere - Azure, AWS or on-premise

Cognigy loves Developers

Cognigy.AI empowers non-technical users, whilst giving developers all the flexibility they need

  • Code directly in your AIs in JavaScript/Typescript
  • Build custom modules to include in your AIs
  • Use IntelliSense for full JavaScript and Cognigy autocomplete
  • Endpoints allow for strict development processes including testing and deployment
  • All Cognigy.AI functions are exposed through a well documented API
  • Easily integrate with existing data sources and services

Advanced Natural Language Processing

Spark the human conversation with powerful integrated NLP capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box natural language processing and understanding capabilities
  • Machine learning to improve natural language understanding with each interaction
  • Get beyond the words to recognize purpose with state-of-the-art intent mapping
  • Flexible lexicons to expand domain depth within all conversations
  • Supports all languages

Create your future conversations with COGNIGY.

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