Conversational IVR

IVR that speaks your customers' language

Automate high-volume inbound call handling with a natural, human-like service experience your customers love.


IVR frame IVR

Transform your IVR with a personal touch

Legacy interactive voice response (IVR) solutions grapple with lengthy navigation and confusing menu-based systems that burden customer interactions.

Cognigy's AI Agents bring conversational and routing intelligence to your contact center to create smoother customer journeys, elevate engagement, and increase first-call resolution.



lower average handling time (AHT)


increased first contact resolution rate

Frictionless call experiences at scale

Understand what customers want and give them the shortest path to resolution with intelligent routing.

Prioritize and route calls in an instant using Conversational IVR to recognize easy self-service opportunities or critical inquiries that require immediate agent attention.


Intuitive voice interaction

Deliver meaningful conversations and let customers freely express themselves. Cognigy's AI Agents can process, understand, and authenticate users and deliver the right answer - all in natural language.


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24/7 responsive call center

Serve your customers when they need it the most. With Conversational IVR on the frontline, you can enable voice self-service that cuts unnecessary wait time and resolves issues on first contact.


Explore Smart Self-Service

Agent support when it matters

When customers have time-sensitive and complex queries, AI Agents instantly capture their requirements and route them to the best-suited available agent, including the context.


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Set your agents up for success

Your agents are your most valuable resources. Avoid churn from burnout and overload by enabling them to do what they excel at.



Retain your star agents and reduce turnover

Free your agents from mundane and repetitive tasks, so they can focus all their energy on high-value work that requires emotional intelligence and problem-solving. 

Boost agent productivity

Verify and authenticate customers before handover, so your agents can start resolving issues immediately and skip the 20 questions game.

Empower with context

Equip your agents with the right knowledge on who is calling and why during the handover. Customers never have to repeat themselves while your team has all they need to troubleshoot fast.


Keep pace with business and market dynamics

From fast-changing product portfolios to unexpected incidents with massive customer impact, your contact center needs to quickly pivot in today's unpredictable climate. 

With Cognigy.AI, update your IVR workflow on the spot and react to any situation in real-time - without cumbersome IT involvement that often comes too late. 

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Bring your own contact center

Our turnkey AI Agents are designed to work seamlessly with your contact center and enterprise systems – on-premises or in the cloud. No rip and replace, no vendor lock-in.

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Contact Center ecosystem
Contact center ecosystem

Why Cognigy's AI Agents

Best-in-class AI and speech technologies

to bring human-like and empathetic conversations to life in 100+ languages.

Automated identification & verification

for secure end-to-end customer interactions with reduced handling time.

Intelligent routing

to maximize customer satisfaction and agent efficiency.

Prebuilt solutions

trained by us and approved by you. Go live in a matter of weeks.

360° insights

for both a big picture and granular view of your customer journeys.

Built on enteprise-grade

Conversational AI platform proven by the world's most renowned tech analysts.

E.ON: 70% automation to serve 50M+ customers

“Through Cognigy.AI, we can reduce the workload of our customer service departments and operational costs at the same time.”

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Nicolai Berenbrock - eon

Nikolai Berenbrock, Head of Conversational Experiences, E.ON

Conversational IVR

Take your call center to new heights

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