Watch On-Demand: Cognigy.AI Tech Update Q2 2023

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Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho May 23, 2023

Cognigy.AI Tech Update is back!

With the AI world moving at a breakneck speed, we know it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the new tools and features available to you in Cognigy.AI. That’s why our team of Cognigy product experts, covering various disciplines, come together each quarter to provide you with an update on the most prominent improvements not to miss from the past few months.

In this edition, join our product experts to delve into the ever-evolving world of Generative AI, cutting-edge voice capabilities for contact centers, and how to bridge cross-channel communications gaps with multimodal service solutions.

Content Outline

00:00 Intro

02:55 Generative AI for enterprise contact centers

5:08 Faster, easier bot building

7:41 Improved voice and chat experiences

13:05 Generative AI roadmap

14:13 Advanced voice features for customer service automation

15:01 Newly added speech service integrations

20:50 Enhanced speech recognition with STT Hints

25:19 Call recording

27:52 Multilingual voice services with advanced session parameters

33:51 Call transcription for agent assist

41:32 Introducing Cognigy xApps 

42:09 Motivations and use cases 

49:04 A look behind the scenes in the Flow Editor

53:23 A deep dive into xApps architecture

1:00:39 Outro