Alexander Teusz
Authors name: Alexander Teusz November 30, 2021

Chatbots are incredible automation tools that can streamline a variety of business processes. Still, regardless of how much they can accomplish, there are situations where human intervention is required to deliver detailed attention for effective resolution. Thus, to leverage the incredible synergy between a chatbot and a human agent, a lot of our customers are using Salesforce Service Cloud for human agent handover.

At Cognigy, we strive to make every customer service experience effortless. As a result, we’ve introduced functionality in our platform that enables you to create stellar conversational experiences with our pre-built third-party integrations like the Salesforce Service Cloud Extension.

Myriads of complex processes and procedures can be natively integrated into our platform by adding this plug-and-play Extension. A user, for example, can upload a file, such as the 'most recent invoice' or a 'screenshot of a problem, through the Cognigy Webchat window to offer further information about their concerns while communicating with a live agent.

Watch the video below to see how you can harness the power of Cognigy.AI’s pre-built enterprise integrations to deliver frictionless experiences with ease.



So, what’s needed for this integration?

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