Alexander Teusz
Authors name: Alexander Teusz September 29, 2021

One of the major elements of successful conversational AI projects is deploying the virtual agents to the right channels: The bot should come to where the users are, not vice versa. 

That's why Enterprises are increasingly turning to WhatsApp for communication. With over 2 billion active monthly users in over 180 countries it is presently the world's most popular app.

At Cognigy, we strive to make channel connections, such as WhatsApp, faster and easier than any other platform. As a result, developers can focus on configuring the experience rather than getting bogged down in complicated app or channel integrations. 


Cognigy's approach for channel connection:

The first step is to provide a channel connector that is simple to set up. While each channel, such as voice or chat, necessitates its setup, Cognigy.AI offers a generalized concept called Endpoints that allows for the creation of a single URL that contains all essential data. This agnostic resource ensures that any kind of channel out there could be deployed in your conversational AI project. Further, decoupling channel connections from conversation design is the second step. 

As Cognigy.AI distinguishes conversations from channels, the same virtual agent may be deployed to several chat or voice apps at the same time without thinking about adjusting the whole logic repeatedly. This notion of omnichannel interactions gives our users a lot of flexibility in terms of how they prefer to communicate. 

Watch the video below to get a quick overview of how WhatsApp can be connected to Cognigy.AI with the help of our partner Vonage. 


So what’s needed for this integration?

  • A Vonage developer account must be created to establish the WhatsApp connection 

  • A Webhook Endpoint that establishes the connection between the conversational Flow and the chat messenger 

  • A Flow that manages interaction and simulates the process, utilizing Basic Nodes and a valuable conversation design 

If you want to dive deep, visit this comprehensive  Help Center Article and deploy your WhatsApp chatbot within minutes using Vonage.