Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock February 20, 2021

The Cognigy CLI (Command Line Interface) [see Github for code] is a set of tools that Cognigy Developers can use to work with their Virtual Agents from the command line (on Linux, Windows, and MacOS).

Cognigy CLI 0.6.7



That's new with CLI 0.6.7:

The newest version of the CLI adds the "translate" command, which allows developers to translate Flows with their Nodes and Intents from one language to another using Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, or DeepL.

This feature comes in addition to all the other tools the CLI already contains:

  • Cloning of VAs to disk and restoring them to Cognigy.AI

  • Pulling and pushing of VA resources (Flows, Lexicons, Endpoints, etc)

  • Comparing Flow, Lexicon and Endpoint resources using diff

  • Creating Snapshots or Locales

  • Training Intent Models

  • Exporting and importing content and intents as CSV

  • Adding localizations to Flow Nodes and Intents in bulk

  • Executing any command of the Cognigy REST API Client