Supercharge your Microsoft Digital Contact Center with Cognigy.AI

Deliver seamless customer interactions at unparalleled efficiency with Cognigy.AI integrated into your Microsoft Digital Contact Center. Harness the power of two market leaders to unlock exceptional customer and employee experiences at scale. 

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Cognigy.AI is an Enterprise Customer Service Automation Platform that uses Conversational AI to create exceptional services experiences for customers and employees.

Transactional voice and chatbots make users more productive and give them intuitive, instant access to information and the ability to get things done.



24/7 Support 
Contextual, automated support on any voice or digital channel including Teams, Outlook, Skype and more


Conversational Service
Deliver effective, automated service for internal users and customers.


No Rip and Replace
Maximize ROI on your existing Microsoft technology with Conversational AI


Native integrations and composable architecture mean a flexible, future-proof solution 

Unlock the Power of OpenAI on Azure

Our native integration with Azure OpenAI unleashes the tremendous value of LLMs in customer and employee service while mitigating their risks and ensuring enterprise-grade security and data privacy in your Microsoft Digital Contact Center.

Generative AI Features

With Cognigy.AI as the orchestration layer, you can leverage OpenAI on Azure to supercharge real-time customer interactions while keeping virtual agents on task and maintaining compliance.

  • Premade Flow Nodes: Craft smart, interactive dialogues with rich-media responses - faster than ever
  • AI-Assisted Flow Creation: Generate execution flows with pre-configured Nodes in seconds leveraging OpenAI
  • Real Time Personalization: Rephrase bot outputs with conversation context and customer information while following business processes.
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Choose the Right Service Solution

Combining Cognigy.AI with your Microsoft ecosystem offers you a low-code AI platform that makes it easier for your business teams to focus on designing the customer and employee service experience and accelerate time-to-market.

MS Power Virtual Agents

Cognigy.AI + Microsoft

Channel Support

Text and voice based, 5 out-of-the-box [source]

Text and voice-based, 20+ out-of-the-box [source]


Supports API calls (Microsoft applications + others require a premium subscription of MS Power Automate)

60+ pre-built integrations with enterprise applications (Microsoft applications as well as others like Salesforce, ServiceNow, UiPath and more)


Microsoft LUIS, CLU

Freedom of choice between Cognigy’s proprietary NLU, Microsoft LUIS, or any other other


Multlingual bots [source]

Shared business logic across languages, language fallback and granular localization, real-time AI-translation

Rich Media Output

Adaptive cards supported [source]

Native support for rich media channels (galleries, files, buttons, built-in Adaptive Card designer) and auto-conversion for various channels. Plugins for voice, QR codes, Google Maps and others.

Graphical Flow Editor

No support for drag and drop and only linear conversation flows

Supports drag and drop and non-linear conversation flows


Analytics dashboard with summary, CSAT, conversation script download and billing information

Cognigy Insights provides usage summaries, deeper insights on each conversation and access to full conversation transcripts;
also available via OData (e.g. for MS Excel or Power BI)



Flexible deployment options (SaaS, dedicated SaaS and on-premise) or on any cloud (Azure, AWS, Google) in any region.

Product Updates

1-3 times per year [source]

Every 2 weeks

AI-Powered Experiences
Wherever Your Users Are

Cognigy.AI integrates seamlessly with leading Microsoft applications like Teams, Outlook, Nuance, SharePoint etc. while also leveraging the full power of the Microsoft enterprise application stack, from Azure to OpenAI.


Watch Cognigy.AI Deliver Real-Time Employee Support within Microsoft Teams

Focus on Your Employees & Customers, not Technology

Cognigy.AI natively integrates with all Microsoft consumer & business channels, enabling fast, frictionless and intuitive self-service for customers and powerful real-time assistance for employees and agents.

Microsoft End-User Channels

Embed AI Assistance in MS Teams


Instant support within Microsoft Teams via natively integrated AI-powered virtual agents.


Cognigy.AI provides a native integration with Teams with dedicated Microsoft Teams Endpoint. Learn more

Support Bots can be implemented as dedicated support agents. Learn more

Invite virtual agents into any Teams group chat via @Mentions, learn more here and here 


Plug Into OneDrive and SharePoint

Connect OneDrive and SharePoint to voice and chatbots to instantly leverage support information for faster, successful service.


Rapid integration via Cognigy's SharePoint Extension. Visit our Marketplace to learn more.


Enhance Productivity With Outlook Management

Make every day business tasks as easy as a conversation. Employees can book meeting rooms, read and send emails in MS Outlook, and more. 


Unlock the potential of Microsoft Outlook with Cognigy.AI and the Microsoft Graph API. Learn more


Fully Integrated With
Microsoft Enterprise Suite

Supporting full range of MS Enterprise Applications to help you make the most use of your Microsoft technology stack.


Microsoft Enterprise Suite

Create Personalized Experiences using Microsoft Dynamics

Cognigy's Extension for Dynamics 365 makes it simple to connect, retrieve and search customer data to create fully automated processes and instant agent assistance.


Integrate MS Dynamics with Cognigy.AI.  Learn more


Gain Data-driven Insights with Power BI

Get complete conversational analytics and insights within Cognigy or Power BI.



Powerful reports fueled by conversational data, all available in Power BI. Learn more


Use your Favorite Microsoft Services

Use Nuance, Microsoft QnA Maker, LUIS NLU, STT and TTS services and MS Translator to drive multi-lingual conversations automatically with customers and employees.


Cognigy.AI can handle conversations in more than 100 languages with the use of MS Translator. It can even integrate with Azure Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text engines to help you differentiate your brand by training virtual agents to different speaking styles and emotional tones.

Read in detail about Cognigy's integration points:

Microsoft Cognitive Services - learn more

Microsoft QnA Maker - learn more

Microsoft LUIS Learn more

Microsoft Translator - learn more


Combine MS Power Automate with CAI

Use our pre-built Extension to trigger Power Automate workflows via API and bi-directional process synchronization.


Trigger Microsoft Power Automate from Cognigy.AI. Learn more 


Tap Into Microsoft's Developer Ecosystem for Rapid Delivery

Microsoft Developer Ecosystem

Full Enterprise Power With MS Graph API

Cognigy.AI can log-in to any Azure directory tenant. This enables access to Graph API to execute any functions or retrieve any information, safe and secure.


Integrate Microsoft Active Directory to Cognigy.AI for using Microsoft Graph API. Learn more


Deploy on Azure Cloud

Cognigy.AI can be deployed on-prem or with any cloud provider, including Microsoft Azure. Deploy Cognigy on your own Azure  instances using your existing Azure subscription.


Plan and Ship Faster With Azure DevOps

Cognigy.AI-powered virtual agents can directly maintain work items within your ADO project.



Set-up the Azure DevOps extension in Cognigy.AI. Refer github repository to get started.


Connect Azure Bot Services for Cross-platform Implementation

Use Cognigy's native Endpoint integration to connect Cognigy.AI-powered bots with Azure bot services.


Integrate Azure bot services with Cognigy.AI bot services. Learn more


Fully Integrated Visual Studio Code Editor

Cognigy.AI natively supports TypeScript, and features out-of-the-box code completion & more for advanced bot development.


Visit Cognigy.AI's comprehensive documentation for a deep dive into  conversational AI development and customization. Learn more


Pull Your Projects Into Visual Studio via Command Line Interface

Utilize the Cognigy CLI to pull and push your projects. Train Flows, localize them, check the delta between versions and much more all via command line interface.


Watch our 30-min Cognigy Sessions episode on CLI and API to get a comprehensive overview. Learn more

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