Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock July 2, 2021

Cognigy Sessions is a techinar series from conversational AI experts for experts. Every episode gives deep insights into another Cognigy.AI topic. You’ll learn from our industry-renown experts how to build the most amazing conversational experiences, based on Cognigy.AI.

Cognigy.AI Extensions



Enhance Cognigy.AI with Extensions:

In this episode of Cognigy Sessions we will demonstrate how to enhance Cognigy.AI with Extensions. You will learn how to use Cognigy.AI’s powerful Extension framework, how to integrate with third-party systems, and how to enhance your Virtual Agents’ capabilities with Extensions. Furthermore, we’ll show you how to leverage open-source libraries to accelerate your development, and how to roll your own CognigyScript-based Extensions with an external IDE.



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