Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock December 23, 2020

With the release of Cognigy.AI v4.1.0 (see Release Notes), we added exciting new features like In-Product Help, Quick NLU Model Builds, new languages and more.

In-Product Help exposes Cognigy's Help Center directly inside Cognigy.AI and allows users to find help when and where they need it most.

Cognigy 4.1.0



That's new with version 4.1.0:

Quick Build increases the speed at which NLU models can be built by Cognigy.AI by a factor of 10. Whilst regular training, which takes states and conditions into account, is still available, Quick Build allows users to build lighter NLU models at faster speeds for quicker debugging.

Version 4.1.0 also included these amazing new features, amongst others:
  • Quick Builds allow for significantly increased training speeds
    Cognigy Live Agent (lite) brings live chat capabilities back to Cognigy.AI v4
    Several Indian Language Models added: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil
    Webchat Widget is now WCAG 2.0 A compliant
    Extended Question Node Features
    Add Intent- and Slot-parsing to our GoTo-Node
    Improved Input-Transformers by allowing partial results
    Improve client-side validation on various fields (e.g. required, needs at least x characters, can't contain certain characters) in our user interface to improve user experience
    Improved finding various slots when using NLU Connectors
    Adjust the scrollbar size when hovering scrollbars in order to improve the user experience
    Add a 'loading state' to our Lexicon Editor which will be displayed when loading larger Lexicons
    Allow users to hide the settings displayed on the Logs page
    Add an 'admin' indicator to project members who are global administrators
    Sort agents by their 'last changed' value
    Improvements in the first step of the creation wizard
    Improve the way how we display/render long Flow-Node names
    Improve the OpenAPI documentation for security-related REST API endpoints
    Add product version number into the user menu so users don't need to logout to see the version number
    Improve the position of our 'Help' button to make it more visible

You can find more information about Cognigy.AI v4.1.0 in the Release Notes.