Cognigy.AI v4.1.2 with Improved WebchatWidget

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Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock February 9, 2021

Cognigy.AI v4.1.2 (see Release Notes) introduces an improved WebchatWidget, better support for large assets and more.

Cognigy v4.1.2


That's new with version 4.1.2:

With the latest release, Cognigy.AI's integrated WebchatWidget was updated and comes with an improved layout and more dynamic visual appearence of the typing indicator.

Also, we improved the support for handling large assets such as e.g. Lexicons with > 70k entries.

As always, there's much more to discover:

  • Added the Avaya CPAAS endpoint
    Improved the capability of our snapshotting feature
    Improved user experience in the Flow Editor by adding a suffix when creating e.g. two Say-Nodes
    Added snapshot description as a tooltip when hovering the snapshots in the list view
    Improved our pre-defined tokens and adopted them to use the newer syntax for input, context & profile
    Added support to reparse Google Dialogflow slots
    Added support to reparse system slots for Amazon Alexa
    Improved Typescript typings for our @cognigy/extension-tools package (version 0.11.0 on NPM)
    Improved the support for white-labeling our product by adding support to exchange the favicon and the content displayed in the "news" section on our dashboards
    Increased the limit of fields a single section can have in Flow Nodes

You can find more information about Cognigy.AI v4.1.2 in the Release Notes.