Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock September 14, 2021

A new Flow Node "Request Rating" has been added to Cognigy.AI v4.10. Using this Node, you can ask end users to leave a thumbs up/down rating and an optional comment. As a result, if the Node is activated in your webchat, your users will be prompted with a dialogue asking to rate the experience.

Other new features & functions include:

Cognigy Marketplace
This release of Cognigy.AI contains the ability to configure a marketplace from which additional Cognigy Extensions can be installed on the Extensions page. 

Cognigy Insights
This release of Cognigy.AI removes the "Analytics" menu item from the sidebar. All functionality & much more is provided through Cognigy Insights, giving you an easy and intuitive way to visualize, aggregate, and act based on the right data. Learn more about Cognigy Insights.

Machine Translation for enhanced agent building
This release of Cognigy.AI allows selecting an external translation provider in the settings menu.

More improvements:

  • Updated integrated WebchatWidget to version 2.35.0 which improves performance

  • Improved by adding a new snippet called “Answer” which will have the same value as “Last Question Result”

  • Improved by adding the functionality to record "unauthorized" events in our audit trail for all operations through our RESTful API

  • Added deep linking to the Chart which allows user to open the sidebar and scroll the viewport to the node

  • Updated Chatwoot API to version 1.19.0

  • Improved behavior where user can switch Flows by staying in the same tab in NLU

  • Improved Endpoint settings menu by adding new sections

  • Improved exact matching by using exact match comparison string

To learn more about these and other new features, check our Release Notes.