Release 4.27 of Cognigy.AI adds a new user interface for inspecting Playbook Runs. This allows our customers to see the status of Playbooks they ran server side. Please have a look at our product documentation for more information.

More Improvements for Cognigy.AI

  • Improved by adding 'Automatically move Flow Editor' setting to interaction Panel
  • Improved by enabling Live Agents to send a message to the Virtual Agent on behalf of the user
  • Improved by adding a setting for handover assist to the say node default tab
  • Improved by sending a helper email to those user who fail to log in due missing the organisationId in URL
  • Improved by adding a "test mode" to REST Endpoints
  • Improved by providing an additional Flow Select Field for Intent Selection in Case Nodes
  • Improved by adding the possibility to configure a Whisper Assist Init Message
  • Improved storage of session states by adding the possibility to add a debounce by time or counter
  • Improved by adding an environmental variable NLP_ANYSLOT_RETURN_MODE=all/exact/default specifying which Any Slot matches shall be returned to the agent, see documentation
  • Improved by adding an overwrite webchat bundle URL setting to endpoint
  • Improved by allowing user to override the default InboxId for the LiveAgent

Improvements for Cognigy Insights

  • Improved by fixing the Analytics API openapi documentation which was unclear and cannot get the request to work. changed handoverEscalations to number

Improvements for Cognigy Live Agent

  • Improved the UI for agent assist by reducing the structured content messages and simple messages to 70% of their original size, changed the forward arrow icon and added functionality to forward the agent assist message by clicking the whole agent assist message container. Also augmented the size of non-forwardable informational elements like Lists and Text with buttons

  • Improved by adding the possibility to render adaptive card messages in Live Agent as structured content and as agent assist messages, non-forwardable adaptive cards are shown in the original size so they can serve as informational elements

To learn more about these and other new features, check our Release Notes for Cognigy.AI and Cognigy Insights.