Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho July 28, 2022

This release of Cognigy.AI adds support for rich media elements for the WhatsApp Endpoint. You can now output Locations, Contacts, and Rich Links as part of our Say-Node in the Flow-Editor when specifying outputs for the WhatsApp Cloud channel.

Visit our Help Center to learn more about the supported WhatsApp message types and payload examples.

Other improvements for Cognigy.AI Virtual Agents

  • Improved by exposing errors related to CognigyScript parsing on the logs page 

  • Improved by ensuring that the cognigy_ai_brain_in_memory_count metric shows the correct state

  • Improved by making the demo webchat scalable

  • Support for adaptive cards in the Webchat tab of the Say Node

  • Updated the Webchat Widget to version 2.41.2

  • Improved by adjusting the agent assist flow node

Improvements for Cognigy Insights

  • Improved by adding Highlighting the transcripts by changing the background color of the transcript
    list table to white

Improvements for Cognigy Live Agent

  • Improved by redesigning the Whisper agent assist and adding new info cards to it

  • Improved by making the conversation Cognigy Channel type field human readable

  • Add the possibility to edit contact profiles by agents directly in the conversation information section, the change will be reflected in Cognigy.AI as well

  • Improved by adding user ability to set their status to "away"

  • Improved by adding an "Unassign" command in place of the "None" agent in the conversation action section, so that users can more easily unassign conversations

  • Improved by adding inbox avatar to conversation list and having both upload and delete operations propagate immediately without needing a page refresh

  • Improved by allowing rendering of info cards using the new JSON payload proportioned by Cognigy

  • Improved by adding human-readable channel mapping to conversation filters and conversation information section

  • Improved by fixing a memory leak while querying conversations

  • Improved by making info card images' size more dynamic. It adds preview text for agent assist messages and the possibility to use line breaks in info card bodies. It fixes floating arrows when hovering and galleries not working correctly when hovered

For more information, check out our Release Notes for Cognigy.AI Virtual Agents, Cognigy Insights and Cognigy Live Agent