Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho May 7, 2024
Cognigy.AI v4.75_Hero

Cognigy.AI v4.75 features native xApps integration in Cognigy Webchat and more flexible enterprise access management with the new Knowledge Admin user role.

Fluid Multimodal Experiences in Cognigy Webchat

Cognigy xApps are rich, interactive micro-web applications that integrate seamlessly into conversational experiences to streamline customer interactions and ease query resolution.

The latest release introduces a new xApp Overlay to make multimodal engagement even more intuitive and effortless within Cognigy Webchat.

This feature positions Cognigy xApps as a native element of the Webchat experience. Rather than launching in a separate web browser tab, xApp screens now appear directly within the Webchat interface, eliminating distractions while promoting a smoother user experience.

Added Knowledge Admin User Role

To streamline access control for enterprises utilizing Knowledge AI projects, we've introduced a new knowledgeAdmin role at the project level. This role empowers users with the ability to create, update, read, and delete knowledge resources in an AI Agent Project. It eliminates the requirement for full Admin access, facilitating more efficient user management.

Other Improvements


  • Improved UX consistency for required fields in the Connection form
  • Improved by adding a default retry mechanism of 3 attempts when contacting an LLM provider for the following Nodes and features:
    Nodes: LLM Prompt, LLM Entity Extract, GPT Conversation, Search Extract Output.
    Features: Question Node Slot mapping, Question Node LLM reprompting, Sentiment Analysis.

Cognigy Insights

  • Removed the Interaction Panel data from insights by default, and added a toggle to include it in the Endpoints filter

Cognigy Live Agent

  • Added the possibility of using custom sounds for message notification
  • Added a configuration option to set a timespan after which the agent is automatically logged out if they are away or set to away or offline
  • Added the capability to change the conversation inbox individually and through bulk actions
  • Added a reporting events model to Live Agent OData to retrieve stats about deleted or unassigned conversations

For further information, check out our complete Release Notes here.