Native Google Gemini Support and More with Cognigy.AI v4.77

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Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho June 4, 2024
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With Cognigy.AI v4.77, we’re thrilled to announce native support for Google Gemini models, further enhancing our robust GenAI orchestration capabilities.

Harness Google Gemini for Customer Service Automation

At Cognigy, we empower enterprises to swiftly adapt and leverage cutting-edge Generative AI solutions in this rapidly evolving field. Our latest release features turnkey support for Gemini, Google’s flagship GenAI model family.

Gemini includes multiple model variants optimized for wide-ranging uses - from semantic understanding and natural language tasks to multimodal processing and complex reasoning. Likewise, these models offer varying levels of latency, scalability, volume handling, and costs to suit different enterprise needs. Gemini is trained to work with around 40 languages and provides seamless integration with Google’s vast ecosystem.

Within Cognigy.AI, you can effortlessly connect to and utilize any existing and future model in the Gemini family. Specify the desired model name during configuration and modify it anytime later with ease. This model-agnostic approach gives you maximum flexibility in LLM adoption while enabling you to mix and match models for optimal implementation.

For a complete list of all supported LLM vendors, see here.

Other Improvements


  • The Webchat v3 Beta is now available. This means that most of the errors from the Webchat v3 Preview have been fixed, and features from v2 are now included in v3 Beta. With this release, the 18-month countdown to the deprecation of Webchat v2 begins. During this time, only important security updates will be provided for v2, with no further feature additions.
  • Released Webchat v2.60
  • Added translations for languages other than English
  • Renamed the UI term agent to differentiate between a Project, an AI Agent, and a human agent
  • Updated the OpenAPI documentation for the Cognigy.AI API
  • Added the display of the Handover was canceled message in the chat when the Genesys Open Messaging handover is terminated by the human agent or due to end user inactivity

Cognigy Live Agent

  • Added content normalization to messages for better matching with Automation Rules, handling different user input variations

For further information, check out our complete Release Notes here.