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Smart Self-Service with AI-driven Appointment Booking via Voice and Chat launched a virtual agent based on Cognigy.AI that handles the entire process of making appointments in natural language. With smart integrations, it updates relevant calendars and sends confirmations. This makes it personalized and intuitive which has led to high customer acceptance.



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Key Highlights


Responses covered by the Digital Assistant 




Automated intelligent booking


Hours saved per Agent per year

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Irakli Beselidze

CEO and Founder


For voice interfaces, Cognigy.AI is the best solution on the market in terms of integrations, flexibility, and ease of use. We plan to expand the capabilities even more as the platform has endless potential.




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Use Case

End-to-end appointment management via phone and chat



Smoother customer service experience

Improved booking process

Increased customer loyalty

The Challenge

Hotels, medical or wellness centers amongst many other service providers spend every day creating, changing, and canceling appointments with customers. This requires staff to be constantly available, not to mention it drains a great deal of their time. was looking for a way to streamline and simplify the appointment management experience by creating a virtual assistant that helps businesses be available for their customers 24/7 and schedule appointments on their preferred channels without waiting, even during peak times.

To meet these requirements, needed a platform that could integrate well into all conversational channels (including voice). In addition, they needed a powerful NLU and built-in database with call logs to ensure ongoing training and optimization.

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The Solution

Cognigy.AI was selected as their Conversational AI Platform after struggling with the limitations of Google DialogFlow’s NLU, which lacked accuracy. DialogFlow had no in-built database and more limitations in terms of integrations and flexibility.

In just two weeks, they were able to build a professional virtual agent with Cognigy.AI.

The digital assistant handles the entire conversation, enabling customers to choose appointment times which best suit them as well as answer their questions, collect customer information and update the calendars for all parties, finally sending out a confirmation.

The solution is infrastructure agnostic and seamlessly integrates into the IT landscape of different businesses. Moreover, it communicates over all channels and is customized to the business’s tone of voice and preferences to ensure a unique experience for the user.

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The Impact

Businesses that implemented Cognigy.AI were able to grow their customer base by increasing appointments while simultaneously saving time and resources. Service agents focused their time on higher-value customer-facing duties and were freed from tedious calendar management and appointment scheduling.


Phone Bot

Smart Voice Assistant

Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel Experience

“With Cognigy.AI the assistant leads human-like conversations and has a great voice quality and high ability of speech understading. Cognigy.AI gives us the ability to build world-class conversational experiences.

Irakli Beselidze, CEO and Founder

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