Prepare your airline’s customer experience for take-off with AI-first service interactions

Handle the majority of daily service requests with a Conversational AI platform that integrates seamlessly into existing backend systems.

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Get ready for your airline to soar with Conversational AI


of customers say that "ease of making a reservation" is one of the top five criteria for choosing an airline



of airlines will invest in self-service solutions for irregular operations



in airlines' annual revenue left on the table by not making improvements to their customer experience (CX)


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Hassle-free process with AI-assisted flight rescheduling

Transform flight rescheduling and missed connections to be a smooth experience for your customers by providing fast and reliable information whenever they need it. Cognigy.AI enables 24/7 automated customer service via text or voice-based virtual agents, powered by AI.

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Keep your customer service on pace with industry dynamics

Despite the increasing complexity of choice, give your customers exactly the right recommendations without sending them to the bottom of your touchpoints. Cognigy.AI links all information resources of your aviation business and provides them in a structured, customer-friendly way via multiple channels like webchat, social media, WhatsApp, voice, and phone assistants.

How else is Cognigy.AI helping airlines improve the travel experience?

Customer service for airlines does not end with purchasing the ticket. Even if highly repetitive requests are answered automatically, special ones remain. Cognigy.AI helps contact center agents solve complex cases with agent assist tools and enables scalability without compromising service quality.

Mobile first real deal

Mobile-first is the real deal – or is it?

More than 60% of travelers aged 21 to 54 primarily use an airline's smartphone app or mobile website for flight bookings and status checks. But 80% of older audiences use more conventional channels such as the airline's hotline or desktop site. That's why Cognigy.AI sits on top of all of your customer touchpoints, so you never have to worry about where your customers begin their journey.

Your airline backend system

Your airline's backend system's new best friend

The airline's booking system manages seats on the plane, frequent flyer programs are operated via CRM software, and the FAQ section on the website is fed by a knowledge management tool. Cognigy.AI links all systems through open-source integrations and generates maximum value for both your customers and employees.

Customer service at every stage

Customer service at every stage of the travel journey

After touchdown, service continues. Some travelers with missing luggage need quick assistance. Others need information on connecting flights or check if their boarding passes include lounge access. Cognigy.AI handles all of these as they come in at once, several hundred times a day, all on autopilot.

Customer Support

Manage irregular operations like a true captain

Managing IROPs the traditional way is a pain for everyone involved. Cognigy.AI reduces frustration by handling the increased call volume from passengers to get them rebooked while your airline staff members can focus on providing extra care and support for those stranded at the airport.

Land your customer service and experience right the first time

Ready to deliver faster customer service, save your agents from repetitive tasks, and improve your airline's overall customer satisfaction on all fronts?