Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho February 23, 2023
Tech Update

At Cognigy, we live and breathe AI with new releases every two weeks to bring state-of-the-art Conversational AI to our users. To help you stay ahead of curve, we’re excited to introduce our first 2023 Cognigy.AI Tech Update Webinar brought to you by our product leaders and experts.

This webinar is a must-watch for all Cognigy.AI customers, partners, and trial users who want to get the inside scoop on the latest developments we’ve made to our platform up to v4.45.

Our experts will showcase the new product capabilities and how they themselves are applying these in their own Conversational AI projects, giving you a wealth of insights and practical tips as a CAI practitioner.

Content Outline

0:00: Intro

3:13: Builder Experience with the new Interaction Panel

3:50: Low-code tools for CognigyScript

7:14: Easier troubleshooting with Live Follow

9:40: Optimizing VUX - One-click voice test and native Voice Preview

12:37: Rapid end-to-end Flow testing using Playbooks

15:50: Audit Events Dashboard for improved system monitoring

17:00: Endpoints and Integrations

17:26: Amazon Connect integration using Lex Endpoint

23:20: WhatsApp Endpoint – Configuration and end-user experiences

30:00: Native Handover to Genesys Cloud

32:05: Cognigy Live Agent

32:10: Assist Bots as agents’ personal assistants

36:00: Improved queue management using Supervisor Dashboard

37:20: Cognigy Insights

37:45: Enhanced agent scheduling with Engagement Heatmap

39:05: Generative AI Roundtable – Why and how it benefits CAI practitioners

43:00: Scaling Cognigy’s Cloud – An insider’s view into Cognigy.AI platform architecture