Alexander Teusz
Authors name: Alexander Teusz January 13, 2022

The human agent handover is one of the key aspects of bot implementation into the business processes as it seamlessly connects users to the right resource, without asking the user to change interfaces. At Cognigy, we strive to create stellar conversational experiences. Therefore, with our latest release v4.17, we've added a new "Handover to Human Agent" Node into our robust platform.

The Handover to Agent Node enables you to swiftly configure different virtual agent behaviors within the low code UI based on whether a Handover has been completed by a human agent, canceled by the end-user, or an error has occurred in the handover process. Furthermore, by configuring the Lookup Node to type 'Handover status,' one can handle various events with a few clicks.

Watch the video below to see how the newly introduced Handover to Agent Node makes it simple to provide frictionless experiences.

So, what’s needed for this integration?

If you want to delve deep and understand more about the Agent Handover process, visit the comprehensive Help Center Article.