Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock January 13, 2022

The latest release of Cognigy.AI, v4.17, comes with a new Flow Node "Handover to Agent". This Node allows users to configure different virtual agent behaviors based on whether a Handover has been completed, canceled, or an error has occurred in the handover process. Furthermore, the new Node replaces the existing "Handover" Node, although the latter will continue to function.

▶️ Watch our 3-min demo video and see the new Handover to Agent Node in action.


Other new features & functions

Set Intent Hierarchy Level in the LookUp Nodes

Users can now define the Intent hierarchy level in Lookup Nodes (of type Intent) in a way that only Intents of a selected hierarchy level are looked up. The current behavior, in which Intents are matched on the most detailed level, remains the default behavior.

More improvements

  • Improved by allowing to filter Transcripts based on selected steps in the Step Explorer.

  • Improved by adding a new global “Rating” filter to Insights.

  • Improved by structuring the Webchat Endpoint settings more clearly.

  • Improved by adding a “Go to Extensions Marketplace” tooltip to the Node Selection Menu.

  • Improved the Flow Node Search by highlighting the fields with matching search results within the "Edit Node” sidebar, by including JSON keys of custom JSON fields in the search results, and by enhancing the performance of the search.

  • Improved by supporting 10 custom fields exposed in the Analytics records instead of three.

  • Improved by allowing vertical scrolling on the rows of the Step Explorer.

  • Improved by allowing to delete Intent Example Sentences with a single click.

  • Improved the loading behavior after saving Intent Example Sentences.

To learn more about these and other new features, check our Release Notes.