Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock August 31, 2021

We're excited to announce that our new components, Cognigy Insights and Inbuilt Machine Translation, are available to all our Cognigy customers on all deployments. In this blog post, we'll give you a high-level overview of the new capabilites and invite you to watch our product intro videos with a live demo of the new capabilites

Cognigy Insights

Cognigy Insights is a fully integrated Conversational AI Analytics Suite for highest demands. It enables enterprises to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency based on data-driven insights, generated from realtime interaction data.

What Cognigy Insights can do for you:

  • Enable data-driven decision making: Get easy and intuitive access to conversational KPIs, and allow every stakeholder to monitor, report and optimize virtual agents as well as contact center processes.
  • Optimize end-user experiences: Use empirical evidence to spot friction in processes, incorporate user feedback and create better experiences, leading to more successful and enjoyable automated interactions.
  • Increase your ROI on Conversational AI: Tap into reliable, comprehensive data that helps streamline bots and contact center operations for better effectiveness, leading to a higher degree of automation and an increased ROI.

Watch our product introduction video here to see our intuitive dashboards, the intuitive step explorer and many more features in action:



Inbuilt Machine Translation

We’ll also introduce Inbuilt Machine Translation, a powerful component that will make it easier and faster than ever to manage bots in multiple languages. What’s in for you?

  • Save costs for localization: Machine translation is fast, reliable and costs only a fraction manual localization.​
  • Service more customers: Every additional language helps reach new audiences and improve service quality for non-native speakers.​
  • Streamline contact center operations: Agent augmentation enables contact center managers to simplify their workforce management.

Watch our product introduction video below to get an overview of our translation options like auto-localization, language detection and bi-directional real-time translation.