Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho July 15, 2022

Release v4.30 of Cognigy.AI features the new native WhatsApp Endpoint that makes it faster and simpler than ever to build Conversational AI experiences leveraging WhatsApp as the communication channel. The Endpoint supports a wide range of WhatsApp capabilities, including text, voice, location maps, and other rich-media content.

Watch the video in our product blog to learn how to get your first WhatsApp Endpoint up and running within minutes.

Other improvements for Cognigy.AI Virtual Agents

  • Improved by updating the Webchat Widget to version 2.41.2

  • Improved by adding the possibility to delete orgs using the UI through a multi-step process

  • Send the channel type to Live Agent

  • Improved Live Agent synergy by adding an additional step to Agent Creation Wizard

  • Improved by upgrading the Helmet package version, so it includes the security header "Content-Security-Policy"

  • Improved UX of the Management-UI for managing multi-org users

  • Improved UX of Logs page by adding reverse infinite scroll for log entries

  • Improved UX by preserving resource selection in Run Playbook Dialog across Agent routes

  • Improved UX by hiding the override snapshot connections toggle when no snapshot is selected

Improvements for Cognigy.AI Insights

  • Improved by adding dropdown to Transcript Explorer with options to create a Playbook and redirect to the Playbook editor in Cognigy AI

Improvements for Cognigy.AI Live Agent

  • Add Cognigy.AI channel to the conversation information section and also add the possibility to filter conversations based on this field


Important announcement:

With this release, we are officially marking our kubernetes repository as deprecated. If you are an on-premise customer and you are running Cognigy.AI/Cognigy Insights yourself, please have a look at our Helm Chart, which we have crafted for Cognigy.AI/Cognigy Insights.

Visit our Release Notes for Cognigy.AI, Cognigy Insights, and Cognigy Live Agent to learn more.