Smoother Multimodal CX, Live Agent System Monitoring, and More in Cognigy.AI v4.54

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Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho July 11, 2023
Cognigy.AI - v4.54

The latest release of Cognigy.AI introduces the ability to enable/disable speech input gathering on demand and the new Audit Logs to maintain transparency and accountability within your Live Agent resources.

Optimized Multimodal Interactions with Granular Voice Control

In a multimodal conversation, voice is often combined with other interfaces like touch and multimedia to deliver more effortless and engaging experiences on the phone line. Cognigy xApps is a powerful tool to help you achieve this within Cognigy.AI.

For conversation design, speech recognition is vital during voice interactions. That said, it can cause interruptions when users transition to other communication modes as part of the conversation. For instance, imagine using xApps-based web forms for data collection during a voice call. As the user temporarily pauses the call to engage on the web app, unexpected background sounds can be mistaken as data input by the system, resulting in a disrupted user experience.

To address this challenge, the new Mute Speech Input Nodes provide proactive control over when speech input should be accepted or deactivated. This level of control ensures that voice and visual interfaces work harmoniously in concert with one another, enabling smoother and more intuitive multimodal interactions.

Mute Speech Input

Enhanced System Security and Visibility via Audit Logging

With v4.54, Cognigy Live Agent users now benefit from improved system monitoring through Audit Logs. These logs record essential system events and configuration changes, arming you with valuable insights for troubleshooting, security, and auditing purposes.

Structured records of events such as create, update, and delete for Inbox and Automation Rules enable effective tracking of user activity and event timestamps, ensuring a robust security framework and greater visibility into system operations.


Other Improvements for Cognigy.AI

Cognigy Virtual Agents

  • Added a toggle to turn off the TTS audio cache in the Synthesizer (TTS) section of both the Voice Gateway Set Session Config Node and the Voice Gateway channel responses with Set Activity Parameters for the Question, Optional Question, Say, and Play Nodes
  • Encrypted the audio preview credentials by adding them to the connection resources
  • Added the Speech Connection field in the Voice Preview settings
  • Renamed the Setup Large Language Model button to Configure LLM in the Generative AI settings
  • Added German language support for the Node fields

Agent Assist Workspace

  • Added the indicator for tiles that are not presented in the Agent Assist Workspace layout
  • Modified the tooltip styles to align with the tooltips in Cognigy.AI

For further information, check out our complete Release Notes here.