Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho May 24, 2023

Picture this: You're driving along the highway when your car suddenly breaks down. You reach for your phone and call the roadside assistance hotline. Instead of struggling to describe your location, you simply push a button and instantly share your live location. It's that easy.

Cognigy xApps Live Support

Now imagine scheduling a warranty repair appointment for your laptop on WhatsApp. Rather than typing out the product model, you effortlessly scan its barcode with your smartphone camera. The information is instantly captured and forwarded to the agent, all while you continue chatting.

These remarkable experiences are just a glimpse of what Cognigy xApps can deliver. They empower brands to provide seamless, friction-free customer experiences on the channels customers love. But what exactly are Cognigy xApps, and why are they a game-changer? Let's dive in!

The Experience Gaps in Existing Channels

Today's customers are tech-savvy and demand efficient, convenient interactions with brands. However, contact centers face a major challenge: providing consistent experiences across various channels. Each channel has its strengths and weaknesses, limiting its suitability for different types of query resolution.

Phone calls lack rich media support, so we can’t browse products, share photos, or upload files. Capturing complex inputs like ID numbers or locations over the voice interface can be challenging. Messaging apps, while popular, raise concerns about security and privacy for transactions.

Enter Cognigy xApps 

Cognigy xApps are mobile-first, micro web applications that bridge these communication gaps on any channel. They enable personalized, engaging self-service solutions that seamlessly combine text, visuals, and voice. Think of them as mini websites woven into cross-channel conversations, helping customers achieve their goals in record time.

The value of Cognigy xApps lies in their ability to bring together multimodal and omnichannel customer experiences, transforming the very essence of customer relationships.

Imagine a world where customers effortlessly interact with businesses on their preferred channels, where every interaction feels like a single, unified experience. Cognigy xApps turn this vision into reality.

  • Multimodal Resolution: with xApps, you can leverage the unique capabilities of different communication modes simultaneously (text, touch, visual, or voice) to better assist customers in their journey. Conversations become more efficient, and customers can get things done – faster.

  • Omnichannel Interconnection: xApps tightly integrate into customer conversations and enterprise systems like CRM, booking, and ticketing. Customers can switch between web sessions and their preferred channel in real-time while easily picking up the interaction at any time later, on any channel – all without losing the context or having to repeat themselves.

  • Access to Mobile Device Capabilities: a significant advantage of web applications for customer service is the ability to harness device capabilities like camera, GPS, mobile wallets, facial recognition and more. This unlocks a whole new level of service experiences where processes like location sharing, file upload, and biometric authentication, can all seamlessly occur within a natural conversation.

Cognigy xApps Applications in Customer Service 

So, how can you implement xApps to enhance your service experiences? Below are the three key application areas to get you started.

Secure Omnichannel Authentication

ID&V is an inherent step to safeguard transactions and customer privacy. xApps provide a secure channel to capture authentication data (e.g., username and password) across all digital and voice channels – without exposing sensitive customer information.

Taking a step further, you can incorporate biometric factors like touch ID and face ID for critical transactions – adding an extra layer of security while making customer experiences more intuitive.


Seamless Transactional Self-Service

Despite the pervasiveness of phone and messaging channels, web browsers remain the optimal medium for executing transactions given their security features and rich graphical interfaces. By embedding Cognigy xApps into conversation design, you can leverage the best of both worlds. Customers can swiftly complete bookings, make payments, or even submit signatures on the channels of their choice without compromising security and data privacy.

Efficient Two-Way Information Exchange

Be it surfing through product offerings, uploading documents, or sharing a location, activities previously restricted to a certain medium are now enabled for customer interactions on virtually any channel. This reduces the effort it takes to convey the information at hand and elevates the overall experience.

Cognigy xApps Energy

Real-World Business Values

As so often is the case, 1 plus 1 equal 3. Interlocking multiple communication modes to support a single interaction generates synergies and value that go far beyond what each component can deliver alone.

  • Boost Retention with Speed to Resolution: Customers are 2.4 times more likely to stay loyal to a brand when their problems are solved quickly (Forrester). Multimodality simplifies every aspect of the transaction, be it self-service or live support, reducing customer effort and handling time.

  • Gain a CX Edge with Omnichannel Experience: 27% of consumers perceive the inability to reach customer support through their chosen channel as a negative experience (Zendesk). xApps empower enterprises to embrace the channels customers love while ensuring a coherent experience everywhere.

  • Drive Efficiency through Automation: AI and automation are no longer a nice-to-have but a requirement in today’s customer service landscape. Nearly 70% of customer service decision-makers plan to invest in increasing automation (Forrester). With Cognigy xApps, enterprises can extend transactional self-service to any channel, driving operational excellence while improving customer satisfaction.

Excitingly, Cognigy.AI v4.51 now offers you the chance to explore Cognigy xApps firsthand.

Visit our product documentation for a step-by-step guide and try it out for yourself today!