Nhu Ho
Authors name: Nhu Ho October 23, 2023
VG Self Service Portal(2)

Our latest release introduces seamless access to the Voice Gateway Self-Service Portal via Cognigy.AI authentication, alongside Context-Aware Search which will drastically improve user interaction with Knowledge AI.

Swift Access to Voice Gateway Self-Service Portal 

The Cognigy Voice Gateway Self-Service Portal is a web-based interface designed for technical professionals to establish and manage the connection between Cognigy.AI and any contact center or telephony systems. It facilitates comprehensive account and user management, speech service configuration, and Voice Gateway Endpoint connections – all within a streamlined, unified environment. Plus, the Portal offers a useful overview of all recent calls, including granular event reports and audio recordings to enable in-depth analysis and resolution of system anomalies.

Our recent upgrade grants you direct portal entry at the account level, leveraging Cognigy.AI credentials. To initiate access, navigate to the Account Settings and select the Voice Gateway option for immediate login.


Intuitive CX with Context-Aware Search in Knowledge AI

Human language is extremely sophisticated and dynamic, especially in multi-turn conversations where every next question is intertwined with the last. This is what we refer to as context.

Take this question for example: “Can you give me more details?” As human beings, we intuitively understand that it refers to a subject in the preceding question. However, this is not always the case with conversational systems. The brand-new Context-Aware Search feature in Knowledge AI now elevates your AI Agent’s language understanding to a human level with the ability to adeptly grasp conversation context and navigate complex dialogue flows.

Learn more about Context Awareness in Knowledge AI here.


Other Improvements for Cognigy.AI

Cognigy Virtual Agents

  • Added the TTS Label and STT Label fields to the Session Speech Parameters Node, Voice Gateway Set Session Config Node, Voice Gateway Transfer Node, Cognigy Voice Gateway Endpoint. This setting allows for the definition of preferred speech credentials configured on the Voice Gateway Self-Service portal directly within the Flow
  • Added the Google Model field to the Session Speech Parameters Node, Voice Gateway Set Session Config Node, Voice Gateway Transfer Node, Cognigy Voice Gateway Endpoint. This setting allows selecting a specific speech model used for transcription
  • Improved the TTS error handling by adding more logging and a warning message
  • Removed the Google Actions Endpoint and related code integration from the Dialogflow Endpoint
  • Improved the Snapshot upload functionality by allowing resumable uploads
  • Improved by updating OpenAPI docs for Knowledge AI resources
  • Improved the default chunking strategy for PDF parsing in Knowledge AI
  • Added the Dirty State for chunks in Knowledge AI. Now, if a chunk has been modified but not yet saved, it provides a mechanism to track changes before saving

Cognigy Insights

  • Renamed the Live Agent Escalations chart to Live Agent Handovers chart in the Live Agent dashboard
  • Improved precision in number reports by rounding to tenths

Cognigy Live Agent

  • Added the option to filter conversations based on their priority
  • Improved system performance by updating Tailwind
  • Enhanced user experience by displaying explicit errors in notifications when creating or editing canned responses, labels, and skills
  • Improved system functionality by enforcing Cognigy organization ID uniqueness

For further information, check out our complete Release Notes here.