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Cognigy.AI Propels Direct Travel to the Forefront of the Industry

As a premier provider of travel management services, Direct Travel is constantly seeking ways to enhance the customer experience. Recognizing the growing trend of individuals preferring to conduct business through messaging apps, Direct Travel made the strategic decision to integrate a virtual assistant into popular platforms like MS Teams and Slack and other enterprise level collaboration platforms.

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Darryl Hoover _ Direct Travel
Darryl Hoover

CTO @Direct Travel


Forrester research suggests that over two-thirds of people offered a self-service option will take advantage of it. We selected Cognigy.AI to bring our vision of abundant self-service automation for our customers to fruition. Cognigy.AI has proven to be the perfect fit for our enterprise needs and has enabled us to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience.



About Direct Travel

Direct Travel is a leading corporate travel management company.


Fast Facts

1,400+ Employees
$5.8+ Billion Revenue

Headquartered in Denver/CO USA


Use Case

Contact Center Integration 

A fully automated chat solution for use in MS Teams, Slack and other enterprise collaboration platforms.



Increased Automation

Increased Self-Service

Increased Productivity

The Challenge

As a company with a long history of prioritizing automation, Direct Travel understood the potential for implementing Conversational AI to enhance the customer experience through their traveler journey.

Initially experimenting with Google DialogFlow, they soon realized that they needed a more versatile solution that could be integrated into any channel, including telephony, and their customer relationship management (CRM) system.

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The Solution

After careful consideration, Direct Travel chose Cognigy.AI for its advanced integration capabilities, allowing them to quickly and easily implement a virtual agent named Simon, who can be accessed through popular messaging platforms like MS Teams and Slack.

Additionally, by integrating Cognigy.AI into their contact center, Direct Travel is able to provide customers with the option to be transferred to a live agent at any point during their dialogue with Simon, further improving the overall customer experience.

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The Impact

The adoption of this innovative technology demonstrates Direct Travel's commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and meeting the evolving needs of its clients. The implementation of Cognigy.AI has proven to be a significant competitive advantage for Direct Travel.  By meeting customers where they are, Cognigy.AI enables Direct Travel to advance their digital transformation strategy, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.


RingCentral Integration

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MS Teams & Slack Integration


Salesforce Integration

With Simon, tasks like updating your profile, chatting with a live agent, and retrieving invoices have never been easier. Cognigy.AI’s transformative solution has enabled us to future-proof our digital strategy by delivering enhanced automation, productivity and an improved customer experience.

Darryl Hoover, CTO @Direct Travel

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