Samuel Pais
Authors name: Samuel Pais January 28, 2021

Our vision with Cognigy.AI is to help enterprises embrace Conversational AI and automation to build and outstanding customer service experience.

Cognigy.AI creates superior user experiences and helps companies reduce support costs with reliable intent recognition, highly-flexible dialogs, and seamless integration into backed systems. Cognigy.AI is available as SaaS or on-premise and it also supports conversations in any language no matter which channel your customers are on.

Meet Christian from Henkel

This is the story of Christian Hohmann, Head of New Technologies at Henkel Laundry & Home Care.

For Henkel, stans are the common enemy in everyone's life. They happen out of the blue, ruin your day, and it's almost impossible to treat them correctly.

Henkel took the challenge to help everyone like you to live a life in which spilling a glass of red wine on your jeans will not be a big deal anymore.

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Hi, my name is Christian, and I’m working at Henkel being responsible for IT & Digital Projects.

You will find Henkel products everywhere in your life: in your kitchen, your bathroom, your local DIY store and at many other places.

The core of our brand identity is building a trustworthy and helpful relationship with our customers, that’s why we wanted to master a common challenge of our consumers: the moment of panic when you just stained your favorite dress or jacket.

Everyone can relate with that moment, when you spill red wine over your jeans, and you start getting hectic how to treat it and probably making it even worse. You might google it and you will encounter different recommendation, but which one of them can you trust?

Based on our expertise we wanted to take that needed assistance to the next level: we used Conversational AI to train our “Stain-Bot” the problems and pain points of our consumers to provide them with the best solution to treat their stains.

Consumers can easily interact with our Bot and get relevant help. Our goal was to provide the most convenient way to help customers on the spot: On any device, at any time, in natural language. And I think that is a true realization of our Laundry & Home Care’s team claim: “Together creating clean living”.

As a result, our bot can safely identify more than 2500 variations of substances, fabrics and surfaces and calculate the exact best treatment for each situation.

The project is a real success for us: First: we help our beloved consumers. Secondly: we build a direct relationship with them. Third: we see a positive brand experience.

And we are not going to stop. We have ambitious plans: Conversational AI is one of our key drivers in our strategy.

From early on we wanted to ensure to build our projects on a scalable platform. We are orchestrating several initiatives across different brands & countries, languages and channels.

And we wanted to avoid creating silos while building a common foundation for our projects.

With Cognigy.AI, we’ve chosen a platform that delivers just that: A tool that is flexible enough to cover a lot of different use cases but at the same time provides a common framework for global scaling and governance.

And with that, we’re not only making our end customers happy but also our internal stakeholders.