E.ON's AI Agents Provide Best-in-Class Service

Cognigy.AI enables E.ON to scale its customer service, ensuring customers receive support anytime, anywhere. Offering AI-powered services via phone and chat, E.ON has proven its dedication to improving customer support experiences.

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Nikolai Berenbrock
Nikolai Berenbrock

Head of Conversational Experiences @E.ON


Through Cognigy.AI, we can reduce the workload of our customer service departments and reduce our cost at the same time.


About E.ON

E.ON is one of the largest and most well-known energy networks and infrastructure operators in Europe. 


Fast Facts

75,000 Employees
50M+ Customers
Represented in 15 countries across Europe
Headquartered in Germany


Use Case

30+ conversational AI solutions, voicebots and assistants (e.g., Google Home/Alexa) as well as chatbots (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger)



Decreased workload for customer service representatives
Increased customer satisfaction
Massive reduction of operational costs

The Challenge

E.ON Digital Technology (EDT) serves as the driving force behind digital innovation. Its primary goal is to support E.ON's international business endeavors, focusing on pioneering customer solutions and products.

The mission of EDT is to bridge the gap between IT, business automation, and marketing by implementing forward-thinking digital channels and services (e.g., AI Agents for web, chat, and phone), followed by extensive scaling, including multinational rollouts.

To achieve this goal, it is imperative to select a robust platform with all the necessary functionalities that seamlessly integrates into E.ON’s IT architecture and provides enterprise solutions.

A critical consideration for EDT was to find a scalable solution that enables them to develop and train AI Agents for phone interactions as effortlessly as for chat interactions throughout the entire organization


The Solution

“Our motto is to use Conversational AI to automate repetitive tasks so our live agents are free to use their time to make a more valuable difference”, says Nikolai Berenbrock. “Cognigy.AI was chosen because of its high modularity and custom integration capabilities with any NLU system”.

Another crucial consideration was the intuitiveness of the user interface. While setting up AI Agents, creators can visualize or listen to the conversations, which is particularly advantageous for non-technical users. The ability to utilize Cognigy.AI to orchestrate all AI Agents on all channels (chat, voice, and phone) with one solution provides E.ON with the potential for significant scaling and growth.

The advanced voice features within Cognigy.AI support various use cases, laying the groundwork for best in class customer service.

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The Impact

E.ON has a portfolio of more than 30 conversational AI solutions with a 70% automation rate, serving both customers and employees. A key outcome of the multi-channel AI orchestration with Cognigy.AI is its ability to collect vast amounts of data. This data reveals customer feedback across all channels. E.ON can use these insights to continuously improve the customer service experience and adjust its product portfolio. The ability to serve customers on every channel, 24/7, has significantly reduced the workload on service centers and cut operational costs while improving service quality.

E.ON's AI Agents consistently win awards for their outstanding user experience and business value. For example, Essent, a subsidiary of E.ON, created award-winning Robin using Cognigy.AI. This AI Agent operates over phone and chat, offering automated meter readings, self-service invoicing, end-to-end contract changes, and payment detail updates.


30+ Conversational AI Solutions


>200K Conversations per Month



Nikolai Berenbrock

“Cognigy.AI is a powerful low-code conversational AI platform with an industry-leading flow builder and high modularity to fit enterprise needs. This allows us to get our business units involved and collaboratively design customer and future-orientated AI solutions.”

Nikolai Berenbrock
Head of Conversational Experiences @E.ON

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