Virtual Agents reduce time to market for new drug

A leading pharmaceutical company integrates Cognigy.AI into Salesforce to support their sellers and introduce a new drug at speed.


Voice-based access to CRM is a game changer for sales teams. This is truly a shining example of what our clients can achieve with our conversational AI technology.

Philipp Heltewig

CEO @ Cognigy

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About the company

Pioneers in the research and development of therapeutics for cancer and infectious diseases.


Fast Facts

Industry: Biotechnology
Operates: Worldwide

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Cognigy Use Case

Voice-based virtual assistant accelerates sales process via seamless Salesforce integration.

The Challenge

Due to the launch of a new therapeutic product in high demand, the sales team was under tremendous pressure to get it to market and arrange and attend meetings with pharmacists quickly.

This situation required an exceptionally well-structured process that maximized the sellers' time while easing their workload. To do this, the Company sought to use time spent driving to and from their meetings productively. Specifically, the Company wanted its sellers to access Salesforce – documentation, customer account information, upcoming events, agendas, in fact, everything they need to manage customer engagement and sales – all while driving.

The Solution

To support the sellers and to use their time wisely, the Company introduced a hands-free virtual assistant that could hold a two-way conversation and then work with Salesforce to provide answers to specific sales and customer account questions. Fortunately, the Company is very tech-driven and already had experience with Cognigy.AI's conversational platform with the development of its customer service virtual assistants. So, it was natural to extend the use of Cognigy and establish a virtual assistant for the sales team that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.

This approach to alleviating pressure and maximizing time spent while driving meant that sellers not only came to every meeting prepared but also allowed them to dictate meeting notes to the virtual assistant as they traveled to their next destination.


The Impact

By introducing virtual agents to support the sales process, the Company significantly reduced time to market, increased sales available productive time, and met an urgent demand for its new therapeutic product.
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