Henkel fast tracks customer loyalty

Henkel automates consumer interactions using Cognigy’s conversational AI platform to enhance consumer relations and strengthen brand loyalty.


The project is a real success for us. First: we help our beloved consumers. Second: we build a direct relationship with them. Third: we see a positive brand experience.

Christian Hohmann
Head of New Technologies @Henkel

Being instantly available for its consumers is what makes a good brand a great one. Discover Henkel's journey.


About Henkel AG

Henkel operates worldwide with leading innovations, brands & technologies in three business areas: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care.


Fast Facts

Founded in 1876
53,000+ Employees
19.3B EUR Revenue (2020)
Operating in 80 countries
Renowned brands: Persil, Schwarzkopf, Loctite
Headquartered in: Duesseldorf, Germany


Cognigy Use Case

24/7 available virtual agent for stain treatment for end consumers.

Data Mangament


Increased brand loyalty
Insights into customer’s behavior
Enhanced customer experience

The Challenge

The world over FMCG manufacturers wants to encourage and develop customer loyalty, which has a direct correlation with continuing growth. Therefore, understanding how consumers engage with a brand and being able to spot trends is essential to keeping ahead of the competition. Henkel found that stains are the common enemy in everyone's life. They happen out of the blue and help is instantly needed to treat them correctly.

Henkel realized that its consumers started to search for stain treatments online in moments of panic and thus were exposed to uncountable results with little chance to find the correct answer right away. They embraced the challenge to help everyone live a life in which a smear of melted chocolate on a white shirt will not be a big deal anymore.


The Solution

The goal was to provide the most convenient way to help customers on the spot.

By deploying Cognigy’s conversational AI platform, Henkel can interact with its consumers easily, precisely when they need help, on any device, at any time, in natural language. 

Christian Hohmann, Head of New Technologies at Henkel points out, "I think that is a true realization of our Laundry & Home Care’s claim: 'Together creating clean living.'”


The Impact

The bot can safely identify more than 2,500 variations of substances, fabrics, and surfaces and calculate the exact best treatment for each situation and give the right answer.

The brand awareness and stickiness have increased substantially, and Henkel achieved one more milestone with regards to its "cleaner living"- mission.

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Increase in Brand Awareness

value Added Partner

Great Customer Experience


Automation - 24/7 Instant Help

"With Cognigy.AI, we’ve chosen a platform that delivers just that: A tool that is flexible enough to cover a lot of different use cases but at the same time provides a common framework for global scaling and governance."

Christian Hohmann
Head of New Technologies @Henkel AG

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