99.5% faster response times at Mobily’s contact centers

Mobily is seeing response times of just 6 seconds compared to 20 min at their contact centers and has witnessed a notable increase in customer satisfaction since implementing the conversational AI of Cognigy.

Mubarak Alharbi

Digital Experience General Manager @Mobily


Using Cognigy as our conversational AI platform within Mobily has helped us to build one unified conversational AI that is linked directly to eight channels. This has minimized the development efforts, improves the time to market, and helps us to gain higher customer satisfaction rates overall.


About Mobily

Mobily is one of the largest wireless networks, providing coverage in Saudi Arabia, as well as the region. Additionally, it is one of the largest data center systems worldwide.


Fast Facts

Industry: Telecommunications
Headquartered in: Saudi Arabia
Customers: 1.2 Mio
Revenue: US$ 3.9B
Employees: 4,300

7 Agents-3

Cognigy Use Case

Customer-facing bots on 8 channels with integration into internal systems, and employee bots enabled on MS Teams and integrated into service desk and HR systems

Data Mangament-2


First response time to the customers decreased from 20 minutes to 6 seconds.
Automated self-service and payments through social channels.
Increase in customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

The telecommunications sector is exposed to rapid product innovation, some tough competition from other major players in the industry, and ever-increasing consumer demands. In 2004, Mobily launched its mobile services with one clear vision: to be ahead of time and to unlock possibilities that had never been seen before.

To secure its success and live up to its vision, Mobily sought to gain an understanding of the power of conversational AI and the need for automation as a key factor in customer experience.

The goal was to minimize answering times for customers and lighten the burden on their contact centers. General Manager of Digital Experience at Mobily, Mubarak S. Alharbi, and his team took on the project of finding the right platform for this challenge.



The Solution

Mobily chose Cognigy.AI because it offers a scalable and modern architecture that helps to easily integrate it with existing systems.

“What we liked most about Cognigy.AI was the connectors and low-code capability that it offers, which allows the CX team to build the conversations by themselves without the need for heavy IT involvement. This leads to a faster time to market, and the ability to release more services and conversations”, says Mr. Alharbi.

Today the virtual agent is present on multiple social channels. The bot hands over conversations when necessary to the human agents and provides them with all contexts from the previous dialogue. The human agents can then continue the conversation and give the dialogue back to their virtual colleagues at any given time.



The Impact

Mobily offers automated self-services based on Cognigy.AI to its 1.2 million subscribers over social channels (Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat).

The virtual agent picks up any inquiry in around 6 seconds and reduces first response times significantly from before 20 minutes.

The bots take over various services for customers such as billing, balance information, and data usage inquiries. Customers can also subscribe, change subscriptions, buy add-ons, make payments and even recharge their credits using apple pay and credit card.

Furthermore, the bots handle feedback, complaints, and FAQs. Mobily has elevated its customer experience and gained valuable insight into customer behavior while reducing costs and overload in contact centers, and at the same time has successfully increased the quality of the conversations which are still conducted by human agents.


Available on 8 Social Channels


Integrated Payment-System

Customer Statisfication

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Automated Customer Services & Reduced Costs

Self-Service Functionalities

“Mobily also enables the human agents to hijack the conversation, if they feel they could add value, as they can follow along with any conversation. This elaborate human agent support changes the professional landscape of contact centers completely, as they can focus on increasing the quality of the conversations rather than juggle the masses.”

Mubarak Alharbi
Digital Experience General Manager @Mobily

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