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Cognigy.AI is a pillar stone for the smarter cities of tomorrow

Harnessing the power of AI-solutions, the Smart City Duisburg Innovation Center is shaping the city of tomorrow. Cognigy.AI complements the needs and goals of the Smart City of Duisburg. The solution boosts self-service options and delivers more streamlined access to information.

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Key Highlights

6 bots

Deployed in 1st year

Voice UI

For power metering services 


Subject areas covered

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Stefan Soldat

CEO Duisburg-IT, Head of IT @DVV


Utilizing Cognigy.AI with chat- and voice bots  guarantees  inquiries are streamlined and handled with the utmost quality. This consistency ensures a positive customer service experience. 


Watch how Cognigy.AI is fundamental for enhanced public services across the city and how it makes everyday life easier.



The Smart City Duisburg Innovation Center  is a think tank that researches, supports, and evaluates prototypes for innovative smart city solutions. SCDIC encompasses a local partner network of research institutes, start-ups, established companies, other organizations, and citizens. 


Use Case

E-Government self-service 

Transactional voice bots 



Empowered employees 

Frictionless transactions 

Omnichannel services 

The Challenge

The municipal companies in Duisburg field a large volume of emails and phone calls inquiring about services and day to day concerns. These inquiries cover a large range of questions and issues. 

Managing high volumes is not the only struggle: Acquiring qualified personnel to offer high quality customer support services is a constant challenge. 

Ensuring availability drains time from public service employees and negatively impacts the quality of service. 

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The Solution

Within the first year, the municipal companies in Duisburg deployed 6 bots, amongst them internal digital assistants that support employees in HR matters and unburden the IT service desk.  

In addition, the solution was expanded with external bots. The public utility department developed a voice bot for metering services. Customers report their meter readings to a phone bot. The solution is directly connected to SAP and ensures all data is processed securely.  

Cognigy.AI proved to match well as a solution because of the low-code approach that empowers service employees to create and maintain their own bots. Additionally, the high integration capabilities into several backend systems proved to be essential for successful rollout. 

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The Impact

The deployment of AI-powered virtual agents has substantially improved accessibility to information and frictionless availability of transactions, while significantly reducing the workload of municipal employees.

SCDIC is a frontrunner through implementing varied self-services on web, phone and social media channels. A center of excellence will further maximize the impact of conversational AI technology across institutions. 

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Transactional Self-Service

Phone Bot DVV

Digital Voice Assistant



The technical possibilities are enormous without constraint, as Cognigy.AI integrates with a vast array of backends and systems. Teaming up with Cognigy ensures that customers can access many different public services via self-service in the future, even via social media.” 

David Hoffmann Head of Digital Innovation and Transformation @WBD

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