Brain Station Partners With Cognigy to Meet the High Requirements of Regulated Markets

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Brain Station 51 in Germany and Brain Station 23 in Bangladesh are a team of experienced IT business professionals and professional developers. They are proud to be one of the most innovative IT companies in the industry. By implementing leading-edge technologies, they work on challenging projects to offer comprehensive solutions that meet all of their customers' requirements.


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“Brain Station impresses with its high level of competence in the pharmaceutical sector and the technological implementation of projects in personalized online marketing. It is a pleasure to work with Brain Station as a partner at this level of excellence."

Dr. Andreas Fiebig, Managing Director - Business Development at InterMedCon GmbH

How Brain Station and Cognigy Join Forces

As an international IT company, Brain Station develops the communication concept and the compliant implementation of Conversational AI in cooperation with its customers. Brain Station uses Cognigy.AI as a dedicated low-code implementation platform to meet the high and diverse requirements of the regulated markets. The strengths of Brain Station are technical competence and excellent project execution. Here, Brain Station focuses on the regulated market e.g. pharmaceuticals and energy with its high requirements for safety, compliance, and pharmaceutical-specific regulations and specifications, such as GCP (Good Clinical Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). In addition, the focus is on topics related to CDP (Customer Data Platform with open connectivity), CMS (Content Management System), BI (Business Intelligent), and reporting in connection with Conversational AI.

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