CDI partners with Cognigy to help customers unlock the true potential of conversational AI

Meet CDI

CDI was founded in 2018 and quickly became the world's leading training and certification institute for conversational design. As an answer to the growing number of customers asking for professional support in designing and building AI assistants, we founded CDI Services in 2021. CDI Services is our full service delivery company with a worldwide project portfolio. Our combined vision is that all automated conversations should represent the quality of the brand they were built for.


See what CDI has to say about the partnership

“Cognigy combines two very important things. A state of the art platform and a very professional attitude towards its service partners. Our joint customers truly benefit from this. Our seamless cooperation with Cognigy gives our customers the feeling that they are actually dealing with one full service provider working toward the same goal: provide the best possible solutions in the best possible way”.

Paul Leeuwis, Managing Partner CDI Services

How CDI Services and Cognigy join forces

By continuously investing in our knowledge of the Cognigy platform and its easy-to- use solutions, CDI Services is able to add value to our customers from day one. With our human centric workflow and integral perspective on conversational AI, we have set a very high bar for conversation design. Together with all the modern possibilities of the Cognigy platform, we have created a winning combination for all our customers.

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