Deepforge AI Partners With Cognigy to Create Stunning Conversational Automation Experiences

Meet Deepforge AI

Deepforge AI is the leading software development agency dedicated to the design and development of conversational user interfaces, chatbots/voice bots and RPA solutions.

We are preferred partners for many large businesses adopting Conversational AI and RPA use cases delivering stunning Conversational Automation experiences to the Enterprises.

At Deepforge AI, we transform your Traditional Messaging into Conversational Experiences.


See what Deepforge AI has to say about the partnership

"Our customers appreciate that with the Cognigy Conversational Automation platform they can get their Customer Engagement efforts up and running in a very short timeframe. As a partner, we have benefited tremendously from the support of the Cognigy team when pitching, presenting, and demoing Cognigy platform, as well as throughout the customer relationship."

Sumith Raj, Head of Partnerships and Alliances at Deepforge AI

How Deepforge AI and Cognigy Join Forces

Cognigy has helped us remain cutting-edge in what is important in the world of conversational automation. The comprehensive training programs help us learn implementation, KPIs, metrics, analytics and manage applications that are front-of-mind to our customers.

Cognigy has become an essential part of our business. Many of our clients have leveraged Cognigy platform and we discuss it with every prospect.

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Looking for a partner to deliver stunning conversational automation experiences? Then look no further than Deepforge AI.