Intentive Partners With Cognigy for Voice & Chatbot Integrations at Unmatched Speed

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Intentive is a trusted digital agency for well-known brands, hidden champions, and non-profit organizations in the D-A-CH area. With experience from 1,200+ projects since 2003, Intentive helps companies master the digitalization of their business processes: Holistically and easily. Strategy, UX & design, technology, and supportall from one single source.


Here's what Intentive has to say about the partnership

"Cognigy offers chatbots on enterprise level which can be deeply embedded in digital platforms. The AI delivers amazing results in both customer service and pre-qualification of inquiries. The unparalleled responsiveness is highly appreciated by website visitors."

Alexander Dohmen, CEO at Intentive

How Intentive and Cognigy join forces

Integrating Cognigy voice and chatbots into Intentive's customers' platforms lets them optimize customer service and product advice. In natural language and with unbeatably fast response times, Intentive creates solutions that inspire customers and lead to lower service center costs. Thanks to deep integration and access to the entire content repository with structured and editorial data, the bot surprises with tailor-made answers that go far beyond simple FAQs.

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