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ISG Automation specialises in the use of Conversational AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to assist our clients in Automating work, and delivering business value through the use of these Intelligent Automation technologies


Here's what ISG Automation has to say about the partnership

“Partnering with Cognigy was a no brainer for ISG Automation. From our first few meetings it was evidendent that we could do great things together in enabling our clients to take advantage of world class Conversational AI, in a low code platform like Cognigy‘s"

Wayne Butterfield, Director, EMEA Practice Lead for AI & Cognitive Automation & Innovation

How ISG Automation and Cognigy Join Forces

Conversational AI is high on the automation agenda for many of our clients,” said Chip Wagner, CEO of ISG Automation. “While companies continue to embrace robotic process automation to make their back-office processes more efficient, seamless and integrated, the more visible benefits of automation are often seen through conversational AI as well as other elements of the intelligent automation product continuum. We see great potential in linking the two to deliver fast and frictionless customer experiences at lower cost and with greater efficiency.

ISG partners with Cognigy

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