Kocarek Partners With Cognigy for Chatbot Localization

Meet Kocarek

With more than 40 years of experience as a certified language service provider, Kocarek GmbH designs the conversational design for chatbots, manages their implementation and localises the dialogues into any language.

Moreover, Kocarek GmbH supports companies in their international communication: from multilingual websites to marketing materials and technical documentation, trained specialist translators and revisers translate and localise in accordance with international standard ISO 17100.


Check out what our customer has to say about Kocarek

“The Kocarek team has done an excellent job in localizing our chatbots for different countries. We at Henkel appreciate the reliability and expertise of the team, as it saves us time when service providers think along and develop solutions on their own, especially during innovative projects.”

Christian Hohmann, Head of New Technologies at Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

How Kocarek and Cognigy join forces

As an experienced language service provider, Kocarek develops the conversational design in cooperation with its customers and makes sure that the dialogues work perfectly across all channels. Kocarek uses Cognigy.AI as a central low-code implementation platform as it allows flexible applications and individual programming requirements of its customers can be mapped.

Kocarek's strengths lie in its linguistic know-how and in its specialized translators and linguists who localize the conversation into the desired foreign language.

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Interested in localizing your chatbot to the highest linguistic level in any language? Then Kocarek is the right implementation partner for you.