Milestone Consult Partners With Cognigy to Increase the Quality of Customer Dialogues in Chatbots

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Milestone Consult is one of the leading providers for Business Intelligence solutions (BI), software engineering, and IT-consulting. Established in 1989 and continuously developed, Milestone Consult with its range of services is now the partner of major enterprises. Milestone specializes in the conception, implementation, and support of innovative solutions with the best available standard tools and liability to quality. Well-known companies from the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, and high-tech like Bayer, Lufthansa, Henkel, Vodafone, and many more belong to their long list of esteemed customers.

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Here's what Milestone has to say about the partnership

"We are very pleased about the partnership with Cognigy and see great potential in the combination of Conversational AI with chatbots and virtual agents in customer communication."

Olaf Broekmans, Managing Director, Milestone Consult

How Milestone and Cognigy join forces

The future of customer communication will not be conceivable without the use of artificial intelligence. Companies want to increase the quality of customer dialogue and thus customer satisfaction. Automation not only makes work easier but also leads to more targeted tasks and efficient, motivated processing. The collaboration is aimed at using Conversational AI to efficiently address chatbot requirements and provide Milestone's customers with optimal customer communication.

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