QBox Partners With Cognigy to Enable Users to Improve and Scale Their Chatbots Easily

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QBox is the leading chatbot performance management and testing solution. Endorsed by Gartner, Microsoft and IBM and with clients such as Accenture, Nestle, Sky and Vodafone, QBox was designed to enable users to evaluate and improve conversational AI model at speed.

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See what QBox has to say about the partnership

“The use of Conversational AI is becoming commonplace for organisations of all sizes as they seek to continually improve customer experiences - but with an emphasis on using well trained and intelligent chatbots. We are delighted that Cognigy users will now be able to utilise QBox to test, analyse, fix and scale their chatbots more efficiently than ever before, in turn delivering these superior experiences for the end users of Cognigy chatbots.”

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How QBox and Cognigy Join Forces

Our partnership enables Cognigy users to utilise QBox to improve their conversational AI by measuring models, intents, utterances and even word influence against the three key QBox metrics of correctness, confidence and clarity.

QBox enables Cognigy users to improve their chatbots’ accuracy and performance, all in a matter of minutes, giving 100% confidence to retrain and deploy. This enables chatbot developers and data modelers to make informed decisions about how they develop their chatbots with well crafted, purposeful training data.

QBox maximizes investment in conversational AI by measuring how your chatbots are performing, helping users to spot any underperforming areas of the model. QBox also overcomes many of the challenges associated with managing your chatbot ecosystem and scaling your training data without impacting existing well performing areas of your model as your chatbot grows.

With QBox, Cognigy users can scale the domain of their chatbots without the fear of unnoticed training data regressions and without the need of a constantly active data science team. 

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Looking for a partner to improve your chatbots quickly and easily? Then look no further than QBox.