Rise.CX builds teams, tools & solutions to transform your CX in the Cloud

Meet Rise.CX

Rise.CX is a passionate team driven by transforming the way businesses connect with their customers and adopt technology to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

We support our clients on their cloud and Customer eXperience (CX) journeys not just at implementation stage: from inception to deployment, adoption and finetuning. Importantly we work hand in hand with our clients CX team to deliver true understanding, comfort and value.

Rise.CX builds teams, tools and solutions to transform your CX in the Cloud.

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See what Rise.CX has to say about the partnership

"Increasingly, people want to self-serve when and how best it suits them. But the challenge for people is knowing how to access the services and then ask the right questions. Chatbots with conversational AI bring a more humanistic approach, accepting questions the way people really talk. They enable the business to work out how to help rather than the customer solving the problem. At Rise.CX we are passionate about letting people - employees and customers - adopt technology where it makes sense for the betterment of all. We partner with Cognigy.AI to fulfil this goal."

Grant Long, Managing Director

How Rise.CX and Cognigy join forces

Customer eXperience is our business at Rise.CX. That’s what we breathe, eat and sleep. We deliver and support intelligent technologies that make it easy for businesses to enable seamless interactions with their customers.

Sounds simple. It isn’t but the Cloud is our and your friend.

Rise.CX has a unique approach that extends beyond the initial deployments to an ongoing, continuously improving engagement. This is how we encourage adoption and create a true partnership with our customers.

Our partnership with Cognigy allows us to broaden the technologies that we can offer our clients that, in turn, deliver measurable benefits to the way they do business.


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