Soul Machines Partners With Cognigy to Revolutionize Customer Experience Using Astonishing Digital People

Meet Soul Machines

Soul Machines is a global pioneer in humanizing AI, dedicated to delivering the full capabilities of human and machine collaboration in a responsive, relatable and unprecedented way. Soul Machines unparalleled Human OS Platform with Autonomous Animation allows companies to create and bring to life astonishing Digital People across a range of industries and use cases. Soul Machines is the only company with a patented Digital Brain resulting in the most incredibly lifelike dynamically interactive experiences.

soul machines

See what Soul Machines has to say about the partnership

“We partner with incredibly innovative companies to deploy astonishing digital people who enable organizations to rapidly scale customer brand experience. Our partnership with Cognigy provides new ways to empathetically engage with customers by integrating with their powerful conversational AI and automation solutions.”

Hilary O’Connor, VP Channel Partnerships

How Soul Machines and Cognigy Join Forces

Working collaboratively, Soul Machines and Cognigy can provide astonishing Digital People with conversational capabilities powered by Cognigy.AI. This partnership enables leading brands globally to have more human and engaging interactions with their customers.

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