tyntec Partners With Cognigy to Provide Seamless Conversational Experience on Various Channels

Meet tyntec

tyntec is a global cloud communications provider, and an official WhatsApp Business solution provider, enabling businesses to communicate with their customers, workforce, and machines. Connected to mobile operators and social messaging networks around the world, tyntec’s platform provides the data, communication channels, and solutions to identify and authenticate users, and create a conversational experience throughout the user journey.

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Here's what tyntec has to say about the partnership

"We trailblazed the idea of using mobile messaging between brands and consumers (many eons ago), so partnering with Cognigy came naturally to us. With Cognigy, we bring together a unique blend of advanced AI-powered automation technology and enterprise-grade communications platform so that businesses can create conversational commerce experiences at scale."

Stephanie Wissmann, VP of Digital & Growth at tyntec

How tyntec and Cognigy join forces

Today’s enterprises are presented with a plethora of options when it comes to how to interact with consumers across the customer journey. Whether it’s automated, human-assisted or both, more and more the interactions are moving to conversational channels such as WhatsApp. The tyntec-Cognigy partnership brings together the latest innovations in conversational AI and communication APIs to enable enterprises to automate processes and provide users with seamless, conversational experience – right on their favorite communication channels. Furthermore, tyntec and Cognigy share a common DNA for  enterprise-grade performance and security, making it a powerful single point of access for building conversational commerce experiences at scale.

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