How ARAG Leverages Conversational AI

6 min read
Samuel Pais
Authors name: Samuel Pais January 7, 2021

For several years ARAG has worked with Cognigy.AI to drive service excellence and process automation. Dr. Ina Baumann, SVP IT-Steering at ARAG and responsible for ARAG's Conversational AI initiatives, spoke in an interview with Cognigy's Senior Technology Evangelist Sebastian Glock about ARAG's pioneering role in conversation-based customer service automation and agent support. 

Watch this 15-minute interview and get: 

  • Practitioner insights on the business impact of bots and virtual agents 
  • Learnings, challenges, and best practices for a Conversational AI strategy 
  • Practical advice on how to implement and scale Conversational AI enterprise-wide  


Thanks to Ina and ARAG for this interview!