Partner Spotlight: PIA UDG

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Authors name: Cognigy December 1, 2021

We offer our customers a broad network of skilled local and global partners across a wide range of leading industries. In our “Partner Spotlight” series, some of our most dedicated partners will kindly be sharing their thoughts on Conversational AI.

PIA UDG partner
Please tell us briefly about your professional background and your current role? How long have you been working at your company?

I am a specialist for Concept & Content Creation for various channels and formats, I have been working at PIA UDG for 5 years. Today I am a Senior Conversation Designer and trained professional for Cognigy.AI. 

What is special about your company?

By placing an emphasis on providing holistic solutions along the entire customer journey, we can smoothly incorporate our solutions into existing customer strategies, and improve and expand them. And we do all this while still having fun, benefitting from each other's know-how and staying curious.

How is your company related to Conversational AI?

We believe that Conversational AI can offer easier access to consumers (and in turn create better brand experiences) in areas where a conversation is the natural choice. At the same time, companies and brands gain more time, by shifting standard tasks and common questions to conversational AI services, for more quality interactions and better insights into consumer behavior.

What is special about Cognigy and Cognigy.AI? What sets Cognigy apart?

We believe Cognigy is the best Conversational AI on the market. It is easy to introduce to any customer and any use case. It provides powerful enterprise-grade functionality and is easy to integrate with any IT stack. Besides the newly incorporated and powerful analytics and localization capabilities, which the team is very excited about, Cognigy gives us incredible flexibility. No two projects are alike – the only thing that stays the same is the platform keeping toolchains lean which simplifies our work immensely. And Cognigy just keeps on growing and offering more helpful functionalities. Besides these pretty big things, I really love the small things – like being able to just copy/paste nodes and branches.

What do you think is the main reason why some companies still don´t use smart bots across the board?

There’s still the notion going around that bots are not helpful – with a dedicated task, a convincing personality (this is an utterly underestimated aspect!) and an understanding of conversational psychology, a lot of issues many bots have can be easily solved.

How do you see Conversational.AI evolving in the next three years?

I believe that every consumer within an online journey will use a conversational solution at least at one touchpoint. And the capabilities of conversational AI will grow alongside our understanding of providing natural conversation. Automated, smart natural conversations will become more common and consumers won´t feel forced to adapt to any unflexible FAQ bot logic (which some do right now).

On a personal note: Who would you like to meet for a chat and why? 

Leonardo da Vinci. Being able to engage with multiple topics and introduce anything learned from them into entirely different topics is a level of genius I admire.

And last but not least: Any favorite books, podcasts, blogs, films, series that you´d like to recommend to our readers?
On the topic of conversational AI: multiple books written by Clifford Nass. The movie “Her” also offers interesting thoughts in an entertaining manner. And for old movie buffs out there: Metropolis. One of the first science fiction movies and its themes are still prevailing in today’s society.