Partner Spotlight: Roboyo

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Authors name: Cognigy April 7, 2022

We offer our customers a broad network of skilled local and global partners across a wide range of leading industries. In our “Partner Spotlight” series, some of our most dedicated partners will kindly be sharing their thoughts on Conversational AI.

Roboyo partner

Please tell us briefly about your professional background and your current role? How long have you been working at your company?

I have been helping companies with their digital automation for 15 years. This includes mid-sized as well as large corporations. In the process, my team has worked with a variety of technologies: SAP, Java and most recently RPA and Artificial Intelligence.

At Roboyo, I am responsible for one of our most exciting technologies - Conversational AI.

What is special about your company?

Roboyo is the world's largest specialist in intelligent automation solutions with locations across 11 countries and 3 continents.

Our consulting portfolio goes far beyond RPA and includes technologies such as Intelligent Document Processing, Process Mining, Machine Learning and as a newer and strategically extremely important focus Conversational AI.

How is your company related to Conversational AI?

We have been working for many of the DAX 40 and Fortune 500 companies for a number of years, helping to automate their processes.

Conversational AI now brings numerous new application possibilities for our customers. Especially in areas where little automation has been done so far - customer service, HR and sales for example. Conversational AI, be it via text or voice interaction, perfectly complements our service offering.

Can you speak a bit about the partnership with Cognigy? What is special about Cognigy and Cognigy.AI? / What sets Cognigy apart?

There is a race for the smartest automation in many business areas and Roboyo and Cognigy offer the best platform and services for achieving this. We both offer first-class AI solutions that are globally successful and have also been positively highlighted by analysts.

Our partnership means that we can recommend a Next Level conversational AI platform to our customers that covers all requirements for virtual assistants, is secure, easy to deploy and scalable.

What do you think is the main reason why some companies still don´t use smart bots as a key technology?

I think for many companies this technology is still abstract and difficult to grasp. With RPA, the input, output, and function of the technology are clear and structured. Conversational AI automates the unstructured world and that must be understood first.

Some people are not aware of how powerful modern Conversational AI systems already are today and the potential they offer.

Often, failed pilot projects with rudimentary FAQ bots are the reason for a certain reluctance to launch new initiatives.

How do you see Conversational.AI evolving in the next three years?

In my view, the use of Conversational AI will rapidly increase in importance in the coming years. The reasons for this are the great need for digitization solutions on the one hand and the rapid technological progress of Conversational AI on the other.

Companies that rely on the right technology now to support their processes will have a clear advantage in the future.

On a personal note: Who would you like to meet for a chat and why? (it can also be a person who is no longer alive)

Being a big Star Trek fan, I would love to meet Sir Patrick Stewart, the actor portraying Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and have a cup of Earl Grey tea with him.

And finally: Any favorite books, podcasts, blogs, films, or series that you´d like to recommend to our readers?

For those interested in science fiction, I highly recommend Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. A great space opera, brilliantly written.